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Welcome and thank you for visiting Scott's Wildlife Taxidermy located in Arizona.  My name is Scott Sellars, I am the Owner and Operator.  I am a licensed taxidermist who has been providing quality taxidermy since 2008 and have been in business for myself since 2010.  Most of my learning was done on Exotic, and African animals.  I've mounted a variety of trophies from life-size Giraffes and Rhinos to Dik-Diks and Yellow Backed Duikers, as well as all North American species!  I enjoy hunting and harvesting animals. I’ve hunted and been in the outdoors as long as I can remember. I know first-hand how important your animal means to you! My work captures the life-like appearance of your animal which will take you back to the day you harvested, as well as all the great memories you shared with friends and family.  I use only the best products, forms and materials for your mount. All hides are professionally tanned.
Please browse my site to see all services that Scott's Wildlife Taxidermy offers. I appreciate you looking and if you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me about anything at any time. Come give us a try, and find out how quality work, and great customer service has been the benchmark for my success. Thank you again for your time.


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